Live Music Sundays in June 2017

Kansas City two

Sunday June 25th KANSAS CITY TWO
Experience the delightful flavours of our freshly prepared specialities while the sun sets to the driving sounds of David Luvin’s Double Bass led Duo. With a repertoire that covers most  popular music styles, the band will provide the perfect background for an unforgettable dining experience at Bertram’s

Live Music Sundays in July 2017

Chillin Con Groove

A Freshly formed guitar duo combining the talent and expertise of North West guitar legend Steve Buckley and Italian guitarist Willy Fluss. The varied repertoire includes sophisticated arrangements of 
well known jazz tunes and earthy interpretations of blues and funk  classic themes. “Chillin’ con Groove” while enjoying great food and exotic drinks on a Summer evening at Bertram’s


Sunday July 9th  PAOLO FUSCHI
Paolo Fuschi combines effortlessly a variety of musical styles that will have you grooving along and entertained. The band is fronted by Singer/Guitarist Paolo Fuschi who has appeared in numerous festivals in the UK and Europe. Paolo will entertain the guests at Bertram’s with an irresistible mix of Blues, Soul, Reggae and Jazz

Sunday July 16th  ANDRZEJ BARANEK
Andrzej is one of the highest regarded Jazz piano players in the region and is known to all who attend local Jazz concerts. He has an edgy and fiery sound that has led him to be a key member in bands, most notably The Magic Hat Ensemble. Andrzej will be performing at Bertram’s in a duo setting to create a sophisticated atmosphere for the diners. Not to be missed

Yannick Bertin Bertram's

Sunday July 23rd YANNIK BERTIN
With the looks and sound of a legendary crooner, Monsieur Yannick will transport you back to the days of Frank Sinatra & more. He is European sophistication at its best.

Sunday July 30th GRANT RUSSELL
Grant Russell is one of the most accomplished double bass player on the British
Jazz scene today. His talent has won him television prizes in Europe as best instrumentalist, and he is very much in demand thanks to his flawless playing. Grant will be performing music from the classic jazz repertoire that will delight.